Russin Dol area, Petar Venkov Str., 2070 Pirdop

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 Hotel "Borova gora" is situated in the outskirts of Sredna gora forest, completely surrounded by old pine trees.
Close to the complex on curved eco-paths, you can reach dam lake "Zhekovir" about an hour drive away, where you can organize various games and entertainments, picnic, fishing.

 15 km. away from Pirdop is the village of Dushantsi, where there is also a dam lake, vast meadows and forests, and even a short distance away is the old basilica Elenska , a preserved architectural monument from Medieval Bulgaria.

 20 km. away from Pirdop is the village of Chavdar, known with Topolnitsa Archaeological Park, where you can see the sedentary way of life of prehistoric people before 7000 years.

 24 km. from Pirdop is the town of Koprivshtitsa, which is among the 100 national tourist sites of the Bulgarian Tourist Union. The town houses an architectural and historical reserve without a day off. Koprivshtitsa is a convenient starting point for the chalets "Pavel Deliradev", "Krastyo Cholakov" and "Artyovitsa" in the western part of Panagyurska Sredna Gora, "Bogdan", "Barikadite", "Chivira" and tourist memorial complex "Buntovna" in the eastern part of the mountain. In 1961 - 2006 Thracian residence "Smilovene" was opened. What makes it unique is the fact that it is built with large, perfectly matching squares (stone blocks) - a style typical for the Pliska and Preslav buildings, which are believed to have been imported to the Balkan Peninsula by the Proto-Bulgarians. The interesting thing here is that Thracian residence "Smilovene" was built this way before 2600 by the Thracians. It can be reached on a dirt road.

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